Cable sealing device installation consideration

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1) Purchasing the appropriate joint materials according to the required cable joint model specification, the quality of the cable sealing device is now uneven, but in order to ensure the quality of the cable connection, it is not recommended for uninvited guests, the best choice is reliable quality. Cable connector manufacturer's material.

2) When the cable connector is optimal, do not choose a rainy day, because the cable water will seriously affect the life of the cable, serious or even short circuit accidents.

3) Be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions carefully before making the waterproof cable connector for this product, for 10kV and above this cable, it is especially important to perform all steps before you want to perform well.

4) The final connection of the armored cable of 10kV or more single core, remember that only one end of the main street is grounded.

5) When the pressed brass can't be too difficult, as long as you can press to arrange, there must be a lot of opinions after the copper curled end surface has been raised, you must use this back-to-back rough deck, we don't May leave any glitch.

6) Heat-shrinkable cable connection. When a small flame device is used, the small flame device pays attention to repeated movement, not only often facing a small flame device in one direction.

7) The cable connection must strictly follow the range of the instruction execution drawing, in particular, leave it outside the support tube, the more careful it is

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