Connected market development

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With the final connection of home appliances, automotive electronics, rapidly growing markets and global communications production capacity continues to shift to Asia and China, Asia's connection to the market is the majority of this development potential, and China will become the fastest growing global connection and largest The ability of the market. It estimates that the future growth rate of China's connected market will continue to exceed the global average for five years. The size of China's connected market will reach 15% annual growth rate by 2010, and China's market capacity will reach 257 connected billion.

Supporting rapid development and transportation, communications, network connectivity, IT, medical, home appliances and other supported technology-level rapid development of the market's main areas of electrical connectors in the development of products, strict traction zones and connectivity technologies. So far, the connection has been significantly developed into a complete product range, rich categories and descriptions, structural types and differences, subdivision of professional direction, industry characteristics, mean standard systems and product professionals.

In summary, the connection technology exhibits the following features: high-speed signal transmission and digitization, signal transmission, small number, low-cost product product miniaturization of multiple types of integration, and termination of the butcher method table, module combination, plug-in convenience and so on. It is worth noting that the connection technology above the technology is the development direction, but: The above technology is not all connection needs, different connections of the support area, and the additional requirements for this environment, the requirements of the above technology are completely different.

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